The True You

Diagnoses: Unconscious, Subconscious, Ancestral

Discover Why You Do What You Do. Heal the Source of Any Issue

The True You Test

Unconscious, Subconscious, Ancestral

By Dr. Alex Loyd. PH.D. ND. NY times best selling author of the healing codes

"a different kind of test - discover the truth about who you really are"

"Guard your heart (unconscious, subconscious, ancestral issues and memories) above everything else, for from it flows (all) the issues of life!

As a man/woman thinks in his heart, so is he/she."
— Solomon, 1000 BC

This assessment is a complete diagnostic and application tool that can change every area of your life. You will receive your diagnosis which will be accurate, every time, and receive an application tool to heal the underlying issue which initial testing has been proven to be 98% effective.

Why are you here?

The hottest topic in the natural health world is emotional well-being, and that's what's behind the mindfulness movement, emotional intelligence, depression & anxiety, quality of life. Really, it's what's behind happiness.
The True You Test is the science and mastery of emotions and the human conditions.

Harvard did the largest study in the history of the world on the human condition; Called the Grant study. It was a 75 year study that cost over 20 million dollars and the results were happiness equals love, full stop - which is basically saying that the secret to the human condition is happiness and happiness only comes from love and your relationships being right.

100% of all of that would fall under the umbrella of The True You Test.

The True You Test includes diagnosis, application and resolution of everything under the umbrella of the human condition.We're talking family of origins, genealogy, personality types, any and all kinds of sickness and illness and everything in the mental and spiritual world. It is all inclusive. This is the culmination of 30 years of my work with tools that are light years beyond and the next generation in health, success and well-being.


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Perfect Healing Therapy

16 Years To Develop

Developed to diagnose what is meaningful and accurate; the unconscious. New study reveals that a psychological diagnosis is meaningless and this is correct every time.

Used By Professionals

MD's, PhD's,chiropractors, ministers & teachers all over the world use this as their ''secret'' go to test to discover where the problem is really coming from, because the person rarely knows.

Tests 122 Dimensions

The most robust test of its kind structured to interpret 122 Dimensions of your mind, body and spirit to determine your health and happiness.

10-15 Page Analysis

You will receive a detailed analysis including graphs and charts with a diagnosis on your health, success, and relationships.

"The True You"
Unconscious, Subconscious, Ancestral

The True You Test is the science, study and mastery of emotions and the thoughts and behaviors that come from them.

The True You Test allows you to see in one big picture HOW your personal history, your memories and your experiences have brought on the issues that keep weighing you down — even the ones only YOU know about...maybe even the ones you DON'T know about!

Think of it as getting a degree in being human — a holistic understanding of why we do what we do and how to fix it. This includes personality, birth order, genealogy, trauma, unforgiveness, fear/anxiety, anger, sadness/depression, rejection, self-worth — every part of you — with totally custom interventions to address these parts from ALL angles!

There's NOTHING else out there that's this comprehensive. While therapy, self-help and other fields address specific issues or focus on specific tools, The True You Test looks at EVERY emotional issue and every struggle, all at once and from every angle.

And not only do we cover the full spectrum of emotions, but we look at how they work together to create issues in our lives and where they began — while using four unique energy healing tools to change them for good.

The True You Test is for anyone who wants to understand themselves more, live better and transform their lives, their families and their relationships!

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